Ed Chair temporarily closed, Hodag lift open midweek!

Late Sunday afternoon, Hoodoo experienced a strange power surge that caused a few issues, including catastrophic rotor damage on Ed Chair.

A replacement motor has been located and will be loaded in a sprinter van tonight to be driven to Hoodoo from Ohio by a set of team drivers who will drive nonstop to get the motor to us by Thursday afternoon. Assuming all goes well, Ed will be back in operation Saturday.

While Ed is down, we will operate Hodag chair from 9:30 am – 3:30 pm to accommodate guests. Normally, Hodag is only open Saturdays and Sundays, so this will be a fun opportunity to ski that area midweek.

Night skiing will be limited to Manzanita and Easy Rider, so night tickets will be $25 until we get Ed operating.

Thanks for your patience and understanding!
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