Become a Snowsports Instructor

If you love working with people, sliding down the mountain, want to get way better at both and get paid for it, consider becoming a ski or snowboard instructor for Hoodoo.

Instructor Training Program


Day 1 (off snow) 11/19/2022 

Time: 8am to 4pm

Day 2 (on snow) TBD by weather (let’s get some snow up here!)

Do you want to become a ski or snowboard instructor?  Or, do you want to become a better instructor?  Whether you are interested in becoming a new instructor or if you are learning to improve your snowsports career with an advanced certification with PSIA or AASI, Hoodoo’s instructor training programs will take you to your next level.

All instructors joining the Hoodoo instructor staff are required to participate in the Instructor Training Clinic (ITC).  The 2-day clinic has one day inside (11/19/2022) and one day outdoors, on-snow (date TBD). 

Participation in the ITC will ensure that you will be ready to teach to the high standards that we expect at Hoodoo.

All instructors will be required to have to do the following:

  • A consistent ride to the resort
  • Your own hard goods, skis and/or snowboard gear.  *No rental skis or snowboards will be made available from Hoodoo.
  • Black snow pants 
  • Commitment to working a minimum of 30 days per season 

(16 days for returning instructors)

Training Programs developed for all working instructors:

Consistent Ski and Ride Training

If you are a seasoned instructor and want to advance in your career, Hoodoo is the place for you.  For the size of our mountain, we have a bounty of certified Level 3 instructors to learn from and this is strongly encouraged.  We train daily to improve our sliding and teaching skills, because we believe in putting out the highest quality product possible, and because we are a small mountain, you will have multiple opportunities to teach upper-level lessons on a regular basis.  If you are familiar with PSIA/AASI, the theme for the 20’s is “Consistency” and you will get consistency working at Hoodoo.  

Get paid to train as a ski instructor:

Not only will you get top-notch instruction to improve your own skiing and/or riding skills, on occasion, we will pay for instructors to attend clinics. Why? This is because we believe in providing the best product possible to our guests. The better you become at instructing, the happier and more satisfied our guests will be.  This is a win-win for everyone involved.

Train to pass your Level 2 or 3 PSIA/AASI certifications:

Not only do we conduct daily training clinics, we will have levels 1, 2, and 3 study groups specifically focused on obtaining the necessary training for your next level certifications.  If you are willing to put in the work, we will help you become prepared to pass your next certification level.  And, as an added perk, WE WILL PAY FOR YOUR EXAM COST!  Yes, if you prepare, take, and pass your certification exam, Hoodoo will reimburse you! 

On the subject of Tips:

A tip is something earned, not to be expected.  That being said, many instructors do not receive tips simply because many guests do not know that tips can be given for great service.  At Hoodoo, we are working to change that.  Not only do we send out emails to guests regarding tipping culture, we offer guests the opportunity to tip directly from their phone and/or computer via a follow-up email sent out right after the conclusion of the lesson.  We are excited to be implementing this feature because frankly, we know you work hard and you deserve it.

Speaking of getting paid as a ski instructor! Earn over $70/hr

Hoodoo offers an aggressive pay structure for instructors.  We believe it’s your job to put out a high quality product: we’ll train you to do so, and compensate you for it. We are looking for the best and we’ll treat you like the best. The base rate starts at $16/hr but the commission structure means you’ll always be making more than the minimum.

PSIA/AASI Certified Instructors receive pay increases as do cross-booters (people who can teach skiing and snowboarding).

Rate of Pay for Instructors

Base Rate

Hourly Wage

Non Certified










Commission Structure

There are two types of commissions on lessons: the group lesson and private lesson. All instructors receive $0.50/student/hour.  This means if you have 6 people in a 2-hour class, you get an extra $6. That’s a $3/hr bump from your base rate.

Private Lessons work off a percentage commission.  A 1-hour private lesson currently costs $99.  Let’s round it to $100 for simplicity.  Assigned private lessons mean you get a 10% commission, meaning $10 on top of your base rate.  So if your base is $16, you’re actually getting $26 to teach a 1-hour private.

It gets way better.  If the customer requests you, that is called a Private Request (PR) and we reward you for it. You’ll get a 20% commission on a PR, and if you are certified, it goes up even more.  See the table below for more info.

Are you Bilingual?

We are always looking for instructors who can teach in other languages.  Should you be able to teach in another language, this counts as a Private Request.

Private Lesson Commission Structure




Example at base rate per cert level



6 people for 2 hrs is $6 extra = $19/hr



1 person for 1 hr is $9.90 extra = $25.90/hr

PR (no cert)


1 person for 1 hr is $19.80 extra = $35.80/hr

PR (Cert 1)


1 person for 1 hr is $29.7 extra = $46.7/hr

PR (Cert 2)


1 person for 1 hr is $39.6 extra = $57.60/hr

PR (Cert 3)


1 person for 1 hr is $49.50 extra = $68.50/hr


With the cross boot bonus, we have Level 3 instructors whose base is $20/hr and when they teach PRs they make over $70/hr…oh yeah, then there’s that tip at the end for another $20-$100!


If you have questions you can call or email us at the info below. We’d love to talk!

Phone: 541-822-3799 x6118

Text (only): 541-321-0218

Junior Instructor Training Program

Have you ever dreamt of working in the snowsports industry? Now is your chance!  This coming winter Hoodoo Ski and Recreation Area will be offering a Junior Instructor program for advanced skiers and riders ages 14 to 17.  Not only will this certification program work to improve your overall skiing or boarding skills, it will help to develop overall confidence and professionalism, public speaking skills and group management skills. 

In order to be accepted into this program we will be looking to receive a letter of intent as to why you would like to join this program and what you stand to gain. A general resume including previous work experience, education and personal skills that would help benefit you in this program should also be submitted.  Pending review, we would like to sit down and have either a zoom or in person interview. 

This program is associated with the Professional Ski Instructors of America and American Association of Snowboard Instructors (PSIA-AASI).  You will have the opportunity to learn from a level II or above instructor right here at Hoodoo.  

As a Junior Instructor you will begin by completing 3 one hour courses:

  1. Course for New Instructors
  2. Delivering the Beginner Experience (choose one course – alpine, snowboard, or cross country)
  3. Introduction to Working with Children.  

Following these online courses, the on-portion begins including a 12-hr training course with your trainer, shadow 6 hours of lessons, demonstrate the ability to maneuver the resort’s beginner terrain safely with a class and the ability to safely ski or ride a group around Hoodoo’s green/blue terrain.  

Upon completion of these tasks, a follow up letter of intent as to why you want to become a snowsports instructor will be asked of you. 

All this information and more can be found at

Questions: please contact 

or call 541-822-3799 x6110

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