Support local Oregon businesses!

Hello Hoodoo friends,

I hope this finds you all well. We are all still concerned for the spread of COVID-19 and we’re doing our best to stay socially distant. It is a little weird to see Hoodoo so vacant (it looks like the toilet paper aisle at the grocery store!) and we are all bummed about the short season, but much more concerned about the health and safety of everyone.
I know you were all wondering if I bought any shirts lately… and the answer is yes! I just found this website that helps small businesses in Oregon. I had each of my family members buy a shirt and support whichever business they chose. I know I am looking forward to a time when we can support these businesses just by going there, saying hi and buying their products, but until then, I will wear my shirt happily and spread the word on another way we can help.

  1. Check it out at and tell a friend.

Matthew McFarland
General Manager
Hoodoo Ski Area

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