Hoodoo is closed until next season

Dear Hoodoo friends,

We are very sad to report that the 2019-20 Hoodoo Ski Area season is now over. Governor Brown has directed that groups no larger than 25 be allowed to congregate. We have implemented all measures recommended by the CDC and were enjoying our camaraderie with fellow coworkers and skiing friends. However, even with preventative measures, sterilization, re-sterilization and the natural spacing of ski sports, there are far more than 25 people who congregate at the bottom of the lifts for a ride up to enjoy the mountain.

COVID-19 has certainly been devastating, to say the least. We hope it will not disrupt you or your families’ lives any more than it already has. We want you all to stay well.

As always, Hoodoo takes care of its customers. Any leftover gift certificates, AnyCards, or vouchers that dated for this season will be honored next season. Please stay tuned for more information and stay healthy!

Thanks for another fun season at Hoodoo Ski Area. We truly appreciate your continued support of our locally owned and operated mountain.

Matthew McFarland
General Manager

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