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Night Snowboard Lesson

Night Ski Lesson

Build your Skills & Become a Confident Skier or Snowboarder at Night

Starting Jan. 4th 2023

Hoodoo is open until 9pm! So why not get a lesson after work! We will be offering 5:30pm-7:30pm beginner lessons in both skiing and snowboarding.  Private lessons may be available upon request.  Email to request a private lesson during the evening.

Our instructors will provide you with the tips and tricks to take your skiing and snowboarding to the next level. You’ll feel confident while exploring the mountain at night

Why you should take a lesson here

  • Our mountain offers a wide variety of terrain that fosters progression and skill improvement
  • Professional instructors that are committed to building your skills and confidence in a fun and comfortable environment
  • Fun environment with small group of people who are similar ability level

What you’ll learn

  • Gain confidence to choose different types of turns and speeds
  • Become familiarized with terrain suited for your ability level
  • Become more comfortable with night skiing or snowboarding

The Night ski and snowboard program is offered on Friday’s & Saturday’s for both ski and snowboard lessons. All group lessons are first come, first serve

LEVEL 1 Time 2 Hours
Lesson + Easy Rider Lift Ticket + Rental 5:30 pm $70
Lesson + Easy Rider Lift Ticket OR Rental 5:30 pm $55/$60
Lesson Only 5:30 pm $50

Check-in – It is important to check-in 60 minutes before your lesson start time.

Lesson Start Times – Weekends:

Please be outside in our Teaching area, dressed and ready to go 5-10 minutes early.

Group lessons – Start outside at 5:30 pm

When to Arrive & Where to Go:

If anyone in your group needs lessons, please come directly upstairs to the Ski and Ride School. We offer some great discounted lift, lesson and rental packages. We can also sell lift tickets and rentals for family members who are not in Ski and Ride School. Our office opens around 8:15 am.

Weekends & holidays – Please plan to arrive about 90 minutes before the start of your lesson. It always seems to take longer than you think it will to get everyone situated. We want to help you avoid the frustration of racing to get to your lesson on time.

Mid-week – Please plan to arrive about 60 minutes before the start of your lesson.

Group lessons start promptly at 10am and 1pm. Registration cut-off times are about 15 minutes before lesson time. This allows time to get down to the teaching area. If you need rental equipment that takes even longer — it can take up to half an hour or more to get everything properly fitted and arranged.

Leaving home early will allow you time to deal with traffic, inclement weather, and winter driving conditions.Remember that once you arrive, you will need to allot time to gear up before coming to see us at the Ski & Ride School office, then head to Rentals, and finally head outside to the Teaching area for classes.

What You Should Wear While Skiing and Snowboarding:

Eyewear: Eye protection is crucial to good visibility and safety, which is critical when skiing. Goggles are best because they protect the eyes from the elements of winter – sun, wind, and blowing snow. Sunglasses are better suited for milder weather and sunny days. We absolutely require minors to have and wear eye protection.

Clothing appropriate for the mountains will help insure that you will enjoy your skiing or snowboarding experience. Keep your body warm by dressing in layers that will allow you to customize according to the weather and temperature.

Base Layer: Polypropylene is most effective for maintaining body heat and drawing moisture away from the body. Conventional long underwear also works, but AVOID COTTON! When it gets wet, it stays wet and you WILL get cold!

Insulating Layer: Fleece works great! Wool is also good. Down and synthetic down insulating layers also work quite well. AVOID COTTON!

Outer Layer: Waterproof breathable ski or snowboard coats and pants are recommended! Insulated coats like Down or Synthetic Down also work well. NO BLUE JEANS! AVOID COTTON!

Socks: One pair of thin wool or polypropylene socks is all you need. More doesn’t add warmth but does increase wrinkles, and that can mean blisters and lack of circulation which can make you feet cold! You may want to bring a spare pair for when you are done skiing.

Hats/Helmets: Fleece and wool are recommended. A thin balaclava works great underneath a helmet. Helmets should fit snug but not be too loose or too tight. AVOID COTTON!

Face: Your cheeks, nose, and mouth can be protected with a neck gaiter, scarf, face mask, or balaclava. AVOID COTTON!

Gloves: Hands are usually the first part of the body to get cold. Waterproof gloves or mittens are essential for keeping your hands warm and dry. Mittens are warmer, and gloves are more versatile. A loose fit allows for good circulation. NO COTTON!

Sunscreen: Always wear sunscreen and lip protection of SPF 15 or more when skiing, even if it’s cloudy.

Please Read Carefully:

If you are late to your lesson, we cannot guarantee placement at your scheduled time. We will offer you a raincheck for another time, but it may not be the same day.

NO REFUNDS due to inclement weather or otherwise.

ONLINE BOOKING CANCELLATION POLICY: we offer a 7 day (168 hour) cancellation policy with a full refund for both group and private lessons. If under 7 days, we will gladly reschedule your lesson for another time. To cancel a lesson please email with your Booking Code, full name of person booking and the date booked for.  This email will act as a time stamp that ensures the booker proof they have cancelled prior to 7 days before the booking date.

Private lessons can be rescheduled with a 24 hour notice. A 25% restocking fee may be applied if rescheduled inside the 24 hour window.

Please be sure to fill out all “Guest” aka Student information at least 72 hours (3 days) prior to the lesson to ensure placement.

There are multiple legal forms that need to be completed prior to the lesson. If these are not signed, we cannot guarantee lesson placement.

The 10am-3pm option for lessons consists of two 2-hour lessons with a 1-hour lunch break in between. Lunch is not included.

What Level Are you?

Progression: First time to riding the Easy Rider Lift, a mild green slope.
Goal: Learn to turn and stop.
Ideal Student: 1st day on snow or someone who took one lesson from last year, but has not been out since.
Lift Ticket Package: Lower mountain only. At Hoodoo, we see no reason to charge people for terrain they can’t use. Beginners get a heavily discounted lift ticket that is only good for the lower mountain. This way you’re not wasting money on the terrain you can’t use yet.

This level is designed for the first timer where you will learn about how to put your equipment and how to make your equipment turn. Turning is stopping! You’ll progress from flat ground onto subtle slopes that allow you to control the equipment.

Progression: Magic Carpet to Easy Rider Lift, a mild green slope.
Goal: Control turn shape to manage speed and begin to link turns.
Ideal Student: 2-3 days on snow. Familiar with lifts, working on turning but not linking turns yet.
Lift Ticket Package: Lower mountain only. At Hoodoo, we see no reason to charge people for terrain they cannot use. Beginners get a heavily discounted lift ticket that is only good for the lower mountain. This way you are not wasting money on the terrain you can’t use yet.

You have got the very basics of turning, but it’s time to hone those skills and start to put a left turn and a right turn together to form the common “S” shape to link turns. To progress to the next level the student should be comfortably riding the chair and linking turns down Easy Rider.

Progression: Easy rider lift to larger and slightly steeper green runs.
Goal: Leave the bunny hill and begin to explore other green runs.
Ideal Student: 3+ days on snow. Mastered linking turn and learning to make sharper turns to control speed on steeper terrain.
Lift Ticket Package: All mountain. The increase in cost between a level 2 and 3 lesson is the upgrade to an all mountain lift ticket.

It’s a big jump from the bunny hill to the other greens on the mountains. You’ll start on the Easy Rider lift where the instructor will assess if you’re ready to move to steeper terrain. Speed control is the name of the game: steeper isn’t scarier if you know how to make quicker turns.

Progression: Move from greens to blue runs.
Goal: Learn new tactics to master greens and navigate blue runs.
Ideal Student: 10+ days on snow. Easily moves down all greens, but struggles to navigate blue and black runs.
Lift Ticket Package: All mountain. By far the largest level in downhill Snowsports. You can spend years progressing through level 4.

Level 4’s learn proper technique for multiple types of terrain from groomers to mild moguls, off-piste (trees/bowls) and yes, Level 4s are also ready for Freestyle 101. This doesn’t mean hucking off jumps, it means focusing on proper body position to set you up for success, not a slam.

Many people wrongly associate levels to the slopes they go down. Just because someone can go down a black run, doesn’t make them higher than a level 4. Most level 4s have progressed beyond greens to blue and even black runs. The trouble is they never learned the specific tactics and techniques needed to navigate multiple types of terrain.Our instructors will teach a myriad of tactics through various drills that will get you properly navigating more difficult runs.

Progression: Blues, to gradual blacks,
Goal: Learn various tactics and techniques for all types of conditions and terrain.
Ideal Student: 100+ days on snow. Mastered blue runs and ready for groomed black runs as well as ungroomed blue runs.
Lift Ticket Package: All mountain.

The jump between 4 and 5 is easiest to understand by “days on snow”. Where 4’s have over 10 days, 5s have over 100 days. At 5 trips/year you can see why this is pretty much the last level most recreational sliders will reach. You can get down any trail, but that doesn’t mean you make it look easy. You know the difference between a carved turn and a skidded turn, powder is not a problem anymore…in fact it’s fun!. You can handle just about any run on the mountain, but you know there’s room for improvement because you still struggle on the steepest runs and ungroomed terrain. Specific drills that will hone your turn shape and improve your balance will allow you to tackle the toughest terrain.

Freestyle: Your balance is on point, so now it’s time to start applying more advanced techniques to get you ready for jumps and boxes as well.

Progression: You tell us! At this level you can shred anything, but you know you can always get better.
Goal: learn specific tactics and techniques for conditions of the day.
Ideal Student: 10+ YEARS on snow. knows their shortcomings and where they want to improve.
Lift Ticket Package: All mountain. The increase in cost between a level 2 and 3 lesson is due to the fact that you’re ready to explore more of the mountain.

Ready for double black diamond bumps, steeps, cliff drops and volcanic bowls? Rarely do we ever see level 6 students. People often assume that if you can get down a black run, then you are a level 6. That is incorrect. Level 6s know proper technique, not just how to get down a black run. They have multiple tricks in their bag to make it look easy. At this level of knowledge and skill, it becomes the students’ job to tell the instructor what they want to improve on.

Only our most experienced and highest-ranking instructors typically teach at this level as they are all professionals in the sport with well over 10 years of experience teaching at this level.