10 am – 4 pm, Friday – Sunday
Open Monday, Feb. 17 (Presidents’ Day)

12 & UNDER $25 $17
12 & UNDER (Peak) $29 $21
13+ $30 $17
13+ (Peak) $34 $21

Hoodoo does not offer any discounts during Peak Pricing periods. Peak Pricing periods include Winter Break, MLK Weekend, Winter Carnival and Presidents’ Day Weekend.

Children under 42″ or under 6 (six) years old, must ride with an adult.
A limited number of double tubes are available for adults riding with small kids.

Individual Tickets for the Autobahn must be purchased at the Autobahn yurt. The 10 run tickets are for day of purchase only and are good for a maximum of 10 runs. They are not transferable to another day nor are credits given if 10 runs are not taken for any reason. Check the lines before you purchase your tickets. We can not guarantee how many runs you will get. Tubes are provided free with your Autobahn ticket. No other tubes are allowed on the Autobahn.

For those of you who don’t need this much excitement, check out the small sled hill located next to the Autobahn. You can use your season pass for this or pay $5 for the whole day at the Autobahn Yurt.  You can use your own sled as long as it’s not too fast.  Car or truck tubes or other sleds that are hard to steer are not permitted. The  sled hill opens when the ski area opens.

Check out our Birthday Party Special: For six persons or more we throw a party that includes tubing, lunch and a Hoodoo birthday present. Cost is $180 for up to six persons plus $25 per extra guest. Why not let us help you plan your next party. Parking at Hoodoo is free and we have plenty of room for all of you. This party is available any day the Autobahn is open.

For parties or groups on days when the Autobahn is normally closed, the tube area can be opened for you with a $1,000 advance minimum payment (payment covers up to 4 hrs for 100 people, additional people cost $10/person).

E-mail Doug Ritchie for questions or comments about the Autobahn Tubing Park.