Face covering policy updated

As part of our COVID-19 policy, face coverings  are required in any shared space when within 6 feet of another person. Face coverings sorry, the cuff of your jacket, your hoodie pulled over your face or anything with holes or cutouts in the front are not acceptable are also required in the following situations:

1) In a shared enclosed area both inside and outside, including lines for tickets, rentals, food and beverages

2) Outside when a distance of 6 feet or more cannot be maintained

3) Before entering all ski lift lines

Most of you have been doing a fantastic job complying with this policy and we really appreciate it. However, others have not done so well and a few have even been hostile to employees and other guests who have reminded them of the policy and/or asked them to cover their faces. That kind of behavior is simply unacceptable and won’t be tolerated.

Hoodoo operates under a special-use permit with the Willamette National Forest Service and enjoys a good relationship with state, county and local government leaders, including law enforcement officers, many who ski and ride at Hoodoo regularly. As good stewards of our surroundings, we all want to maintain those relationships so we can stay open and enjoy the fun, friendly and flexible atmosphere that only exists at a locally owned-and-operated ski area. You can help us do that by wearing a face covering over your mouth and nose and practicing social distancing when required during this global pandemic.

Effective immediately, anyone not covering their mouth and nose with a face covering during the aforementioned situations may be subject to the following:

1) A verbal warning by a staff member, who will also record your name and whether you have a season pass or a daily lift ticket. A note of the verbal warning will be kept at the front office. If you quickly cover your mouth and nose after being warned, you can continue on your way. If you refuse to cover your face and/or are hostile to employees or other guests after being warned, your season pass or lift ticket may be temporarily suspended without refund and you will be asked to leave Hoodoo immediately.

2) If a staff member notices you not wearing a face covering after your first warning, your season pass or lift ticket may be temporarily suspended or revoked without refund and you will be asked to leave Hoodoo immediately. You also may not be allowed to return to Hoodoo for two week or more, subject to the discretion of the general manager.

3) If your pass is suspended, you will be able to return to Hoodoo after meeting with the general manager and agreeing to comply with Hoodoo’s COVID-19 guidelines at all times. If your season pass or lift ticket is revoked due to hostile behavior toward staff or other guests, you may not be allowed to purchase season passes or lift tickets next season, subject to the discretion of the general manager.

Please know that we absolutely want everyone to have a great time at Hoodoo this season. We know that adjusting to these guidelines may not be easy or desirable, but we’re all doing our best to keep ourselves and others healthy during this unprecedented time. We hope that by next season, these guidelines will be distant memories and no longer required. But, in the meantime, if you want to ski and ride at Hoodoo, you are required to wear a proper facemask and follow our COVID policy. Please don’t argue with staff or fellow guests if they remind you to mask up or social distance when necessary; it’s not up for debate and you will be asked to leave if you don’t comply. It really is that simple.

We’re all in this together and we appreciate  your diligence. Thank you and we’ll see you on the slopes!

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