Pre-Season Kick-Off Party – Oct. 12 at Hoodoo

The 2019-20 season at Hoodoo Ski Area is almost here! Let’s celebrate with a Pre-Season Kick-Off Party. Stop by Hoodoo Ski Area from 10 am – 4 p.m. on Saturday, Oct. 12 for free hot dogs, hot chocolate and s’mores on the outdoor patio.

This is your chance to get first dibs on the best equipment available for season rentals and be able to take it home with you! That’s right… instead of leaving your gear at Hoodoo, you get to borrow it for the entire season and use it wherever and whenever you like! These special, take-home equipment rentals are limited to the first 100 people.  All skis and boards will be custom fit, hot waxed and finally tuned for each guest.

Season passes will be available to purchase at pre-season prices. AnyCards will be available to purchase for only $199, a $50 savings on the regular season price.

Pray for snow and we’ll see you at Hoodoo on Oct. 12!

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