Mountain / Lift Status

Closed for Summer

Winter Ski Schedule:

Monday: OPEN: 9am to 4pm
Tuesday: CLOSED
Wednesday: CLOSED
Thursday: OPEN: 9am to 4pm
Friday: OPEN: 9am to 9pm
Saturday: OPEN: 9am to 9pm
Sunday: OPEN: 9am to 4pm

For a view of the current conditions visit the Hoodoo Ski Area Webcams page presented by Albany Chrysler Dodge Jeep.
Go to or call (800) 977-6368 for updated road conditions.

Click on the Blue Bars below to view details.

Join us next winter for another great season!

Regular Winter Hours:

Manzanita: Scheduled: 9am to 9pm
Easy Rider: Scheduled: 9am to 9pm
Ed: Scheduled: 9am to 4pm
Big Green Machine: Scheduled: 9am to 9pm
Hodag: Scheduled: 9am to 4pm

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Updated: 6:03 am Sunday, April 22, 2018

Ski Surface: Power Tilled

Over Easy OPEN
Hesitation OPEN
Three Creeks OPEN
Blue Valley OPEN
Frank’s Flight OPEN
Big Dipper OPEN
Top of the Wall OPEN
Headwall OPEN
Mambo OPEN
Impossible Dream Upper (above Over Easy) OPEN
Chuck’s Backside OPEN
Crater OPEN
Grandstand OPEN
Red Road OPEN
Schuss Chute OPEN
Red Valley OPEN
Midway OPEN
Powder Valley 1 OPEN
Powder Valley 2 OPEN
Powder Valley 3 OPEN
Home Run OPEN
Art’s Alley OPEN
Gripper OPEN
Angel’s Flight OPEN
Dooba’s Descent OPEN
Slalom Course OPEN
Tiny Treat CLOSED
Leap of Faith CLOSED
Hodag’s Horn CLOSED
Dante’s Vision CLOSED
Impossible Dream Lower (below Over Easy) CLOSED
Rabbit Run CLOSED
Hodag’s Tail CLOSED

Closed for Summer. Winter Hours: Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and holiday Mondays*
Hours: 10am  to 4pm
Closed: Monday – Thursday
Snow Bunny Sled Hill: Open Daily- ($5 per person)

*Days may vary depending on snow pack conditions.

For more details, visit the Autobahn page.

Closed for Summer. Winter Hours: Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and holiday Mondays
Hours: 9am to 4pm
Closed: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday
Lower Trails: groomed and track set
Upper Trails: groomed